October 06, 2003

The Thrill of the Bundt

I recently read a BBC report about how shopping reveals the different vestigal primeval urges among men and women. Hardly revelatory, the report explained that men like to "go in for the kill," decisively picking items they have previously determined they need. Women tend to take more time, enjoying the "leisurely pace" of gathering.

This isn't exactly true of me and L. When it comes to registering, we deviate a bit from the tradiational male/female roles. L accepts that we need to register. Me? I love the smell of stainless steel cookware in the evening.

We went to Bloomingdale's on Wednesday after work for our first big round of registering. There we met with Morgan, our registry consultant, who explained the traditional registry to us, going over the finer points of stainless steel versus silver flatware and recommending some popular items for our list.

I'm sure few grooms come in and take charge, but I did just that. I cook and bake a lot, so I have a bit of knowledge about what we'll need. When Morgan asked what we would be registering for, I explained that we'd hold off on towels, sheets and earthenware for the moment. Those items are seasonal, as I understood it, and we would be better off waiting until a few months out from the wedding before adding them to our list. Morgan was either impressed with my knowledge or she wondered if she was on a hidden camera episode of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy."

As she went over the list, I tried to imagine Morgan's job. How many couples had she met with today? As I wrote in an earlier post, the happiest stop along the drive to wedding town might be the jewler's, where soon-to-be men and recently-engaged couples come in to purchase and size rings. This back room at Bloomies, for most couples, is somewhat removed from the euphoria of the first few days surrounding the engagement. Personalities and tastes start to shine through. Enough with the pleasantries. We need a blender!

So we began our hunt. Equipped with our electronic scanning gun, we headed out onto the floor, searching through mountains of pots and canyons of coffee makers all in search of the perfect kill. Our first catch was a display of All-Clad cookware. It was an easy target and we followed it by quickly picking off baking supplies, a coffeemaker and a knife set. We were about to leave the kitchen section, but one last prize caught our eye: a rabbit. With one quick shot, we moved on to select our china.

If a 30 minute discussion over plates adorned with a thin strip of sterling versus a thin strip of platinum is the worst choice L and I have to make, we'll have a pretty good life. But discuss we did, and after a while fatigue began to set in. The same BBC report also mentioned that men and women should spend a maxium of one hour and 12 minutes shopping together. After that, a fight usually breaks out. We didn't quite get to that point, but we quickly ran out of patience and decided to leave a a debate about champagne flutes and wine goblets until another day.

Posted by The Groom at October 6, 2003 12:56 PM

Your rabbit link goes to your wedding registry at Bloomie's and has your full names. I presume from the 'L' that you want some anonymity? :-) Okay, back to reading. I love how you write!

Posted by: Erica at December 3, 2003 04:26 PM

No, we want you to buy the rabbit for us!

Posted by: The Groom at December 3, 2003 05:34 PM

We scored a rabbit as well. Best kitchen gadget ever.

Posted by: Francis at January 29, 2004 03:40 PM