September 30, 2003

Mom Makes Some Magic

Yesterday my mother and I talked about the engagement party she and my father are throwing over Thanksgiving weekend. L's parents are flying in from Chicago for the weekend and just about every relative and family friend we have in the Northeast will descend upon my parent's home in Massachusetts. It will be big. My parents suggested getting some sort of entertainment - a jazz trio perhaps - as an alternative to popping in a few CDs to the changer and to add an element of class.

As this will be the biggest event my parents have thrown for one of their kids since my sister's bat mitzvah 13 years ago, I jokingly suggested they hire Bonaparte, a magician who entertained at just about every Jewish teenager's rite of passage and birthday party in the Boston area and beyond when I was a kid. I'm sure Bonaparte does lots of corporate gigs and shows for adults, but somehow the image of a tuxedo clad magician pulling a rabbit from a hat and doing card tricks in front of my grandmother and 30-year-old friends seems a tad incongruous with the concept of an engagement party.

Apparently my mom doesn't always get my sense of humor. She called me at work today to tell me she had booked Bonaparte. "Hey kids, watch me make this ring disappear!"

Posted by The Groom at September 30, 2003 04:37 PM