September 28, 2003


In a notably thinner "Weddings/Celebrations" section this week - it's Rosh Hashana, so no Jewish people are getting married for a couple of weeks - the New York Times undermines my previous accusation of classism, racism and traditionalism by featuring an Hispanic female administrative assistant who is also a Golden Glove boxing champ. Cool.

Then again, simply picking one couple to focus on doesn't necessarily send my theory to the mat for ten. Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice, no matter how qualified, can't make up for a presidential administration that is wholeheartedly against affirmative action and other minority-benefitting social programs.

Of the twenty other photos over three pages, there is only one black couple, one Asian couple and two couples of mixed ethnicity. I'll make no assumptions about the announcements that don't have an accompanying photo (although names like Mamie and Aidan hardly suggest diverse flowering roots). True to form, there is also a solo picture of a bride who was sold to - sorry, married to - a guy with a Roman numeral after his name.

Someone will have to tell me why L and I are submitting our info. I forgot.

Posted by The Groom at September 28, 2003 10:30 AM