September 08, 2003

A Post About Post

After work tonight, L and I took a trip to Barnes and Noble, or as I like to call it, my local library. We had some questions about - surprise - wedding stuff and weren't finding the Web to be the most reliable resource. Sure, there are some good sites out there (The Knot and Wedding Channel being the most helpful) but for the most part, my ADHD-riddled brain can't sift through the tables, links and flashing "You're A Winner" banner ads competing for my attention.

At the bookstore we found a copy of Emily Post and started flipping. I looked around. As we sat in the "Wedding/Etiquette" section I thought that the decision to combine both subjects couldn't have been a coincidence. Everyone has their wedding horror stories, right? At one wedding I attended, a guest stumbled around drunk and then cried, lamenting the folly of finding true love in New York. "It's just so hard, you know? New York makes it so tough. This city just doesn't want anyone to be happy." As she lamented her perpetual singledom, I nodded politely and wondered if she remembered that the couple we had just witnessed affirming their mutal love and committment lived on the Upper West Side.

L and I had one big question: who pays for what? While perhaps not being the root of all evil, as far as couples are concerned money is definitely the root of most fights. So in an effort to avoid unpleasant conversations with our families, we turned to Miss Post as our guide.

We got our answer, but it only reconfirmed our initial suspicions. I won't bother going into what we learned, because you are probably less clueless than I am. If you aren't, just be careful looking for the answer on a Web Site. Trying to shoot the moving monkey on the banner ad is just too darn distracting.

Posted by The Groom at September 8, 2003 11:13 AM